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Review of Investopedia’s Stock Simulator

Investopedia is a great website for people that are just getting into investing or even for expert investors who are looking to learn something new. Their website is filled with a ton of articles and definitions of various types of investment tools and terms. It is a great source of knowledge for an investor at… Continue reading Review of Investopedia’s Stock Simulator

General Finance

Is Investing in Stocks a Good Idea?

When making any financial decision, you should always do your homework and research what it is that you’re putting your money into. This is especially true if you’re investing in stocks. You should do some research about the company you’re looking to purchase a stock in. If you don’t already know, a stock is a… Continue reading Is Investing in Stocks a Good Idea?

General Finance

Traditional vs Roth: Which IRA is Best for You?

Saving for retirement? If not, you should be. No one is going to save up for you. If you are creating a retirement plan, why not use one with some tax benefits? Let’s start with a few facts. A traditional IRA allows you to use pre-taxed dollars to fund the retirement account and is taxed… Continue reading Traditional vs Roth: Which IRA is Best for You?