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What You Need to Know About Bonds

Bonds are largely referred to as “fixed income securities.” Some of these “fixed income securities” are loans being issued to government bodies, public corporations, and commissions. These loans usually span over a specified period of time at an agreed interest rate that is to be paid back by the issuer – in this context, this… Continue reading What You Need to Know About Bonds


A Review of CoinBase May 2018

For those of you that don’t know what Coinbase. is, it is a digital currency exchange and digital wallet/storage platform that started in 2012. Many people that are cryptocurrency supporters use this digital wallet/exchange to buy, sell, and hold their online currencies. A few months ago, I downloaded the app and joined over 20 million… Continue reading A Review of CoinBase May 2018


3 Things To Note Before Getting A Mortgage

Getting a house isn’t always as easy as it looks. There are things to factor in before considering getting a mortgage. There have been stories about how people get entangled in the quest of getting a mortgage. Most people don’t even know where to begin in this process. So, to save you the stress involved… Continue reading 3 Things To Note Before Getting A Mortgage

General Finance

All You Need to Know About Litecoin

Litecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source cryptocurrency software project that runs under the MIT/X11 license. It was created by an ex-staff member of Google, Charlie Lee, to deal with transaction times. Litecoin was created in October 2011 as a lighter, faster, and improved version of Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Litecoin are a part of the… Continue reading All You Need to Know About Litecoin

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Review of Investopedia’s Stock Simulator

Investopedia is a great website for people that are just getting into investing or even for expert investors who are looking to learn something new. Their website is filled with a ton of articles and definitions of various types of investment tools and terms. It is a great source of knowledge for an investor at… Continue reading Review of Investopedia’s Stock Simulator

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Is Gold a Good Investment?

Gold, one of the world’s oldest currencies, has stayed relevant for a long time. Many people hold onto it now as an “inflation hedge”. Early in 3000 BC, Egyptians started to smelt gold and make it into jewelry – a practice that we continue to this date. Mankind has been so obsessed with gold that… Continue reading Is Gold a Good Investment?

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Is Investing in Stocks a Good Idea?

When making any financial decision, you should always do your homework and research what it is that you’re putting your money into. This is especially true if you’re investing in stocks. You should do some research about the company you’re looking to purchase a stock in. If you don’t already know, a stock is a… Continue reading Is Investing in Stocks a Good Idea?