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All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash

The pioneer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has not been at its best for some time now. The increase in its acceptance and its adoption for transaction purposes did not fail to come with some of the challenged that amplified some of the inadequacies of digital currency. Some of the developers on the network felt the inevitable need… Continue reading All You Need to Know About Bitcoin Cash


A Review of CoinBase May 2018

For those of you that don’t know what Coinbase. is, it is a digital currency exchange and digital wallet/storage platform that started in 2012. Many people that are cryptocurrency supporters use this digital wallet/exchange to buy, sell, and hold their online currencies. A few months ago, I downloaded the app and joined over 20 million… Continue reading A Review of CoinBase May 2018

General Finance

What is Bitcoin?

It seems we are in the era of cryptocurrencies and the online space is feeling all of its impacts. Bitcoin is quickly becoming a popular name with increasing network usage. Its promise of carrying out effective fail proof transactions has people all over the world beginning to see a reason to replace the tedious bank… Continue reading What is Bitcoin?