The Importance of Marketing

At the heart of every successful idea is a marketing plan and strategist. However, if marketing is the heart and soul of every business or individual’s success, why do some people still decide to not invest in it? Some of us have heard the proverbial phrase “a good product markets itself.” In this 21st century, though, a good product without the right marketing idea remains on the shelf or lost somewhere in your garage. So, if marketing is the key to success, what exactly is marketing?

If you aren’t selling, nobody is buying. Human beings are curious creatures; even though we know how important something is to our life, we still need that little reason to push us to make that purchase. Why should we put our money where your mouth is? The answer to that question lies in the marketing.

Marketing is the tool or strategy that you, the business owner, put in place to create a relationship between the product and the consumer. It is an act of researching and knowing your market to promote the act of exchanging goods and/or services in return for payment and recognition.

The Importance of Marketing


Success is not for the lazy ones. If you really want it, you have to work for it. The brand you are creating must be known by people and attract potential consumers. If the business is not known by your immediate community, it means you have no sorted out the communication/marketing portion of your business – which may result in a harder time branching out past your immediate community. However, having a proper marketing strategy will educate society on the importance and benefits of your products. Marketing creates more awareness and attracts more customers to you.

Develops a Lasting Business Relationship

When you market a product, you can potentially build relationships with those that enjoy the products or services rendered to them. This is especially the case when business owners build a trust system where consumers are able to relate to the product. To do this, let your product deliver on the promise it markets. Then, consumers will invest in it.

Marketing answers the Questions in a Business

Every business encounters hiccups as it progresses. Some are mine, while others are major. If not handled well, it can bring a business down. However, marketing is the answer to the problems or concerns of a down-trotting business. If your sales are down, try changing your marketing scheme. If customers don’t like what you offer, re-strategize with your marketing team. Whatever the problem, question, or concern is, tweaking your marketing plans will give your business a new face in the community.


Marketing is a Country’s Lifeline

Developed countries in the world are either the manufacturers of a product the rest of the world needs or main suppliers of the raw material the world uses to make the products they need. Either way, they are selling something and making it grow by the second. The same strategy applies to small, medium, and large businesses. You either have what others need directly or offer what they need to get it done – as long as you market it properly.

Bottom Line

All in all, marketing is the key that opens the closed doors that lead to success. In order to build a business or brand, you have to create awareness for your company. Make sure that you are making a strategy for success. You have to structure your marketing strategy around building the company or brand you have always wanted. There is no size limit, and no one is too good for marketing – all companies need to do it. So, building your company using great marketing will award you the winning recipe for success. If you are not succeeding, change your marketing strategy. If you would like to learn more about marketing, check out Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson for a winning strategy for marketing success. If you would like some hands-on marketing experience from the pros check out this marketing course and workbook.

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