Building a Network

Behind every successful person is a group of individuals that played a part in bringing them to that point of success. Do you remember the story of the great Paul Revere? He was one of many riders that rode out to alert colonists that the British (Red Coats) were coming. However, only Revere’s name has been well remembered by millions as time has passed. This is because of one key reason: he had a better network. He was a well-established businessman and a member of the Free Masons, all of which helped increase his network and helped inform activists on the British movements being made. Building a network can take time, but once you have a good network of trusted people, you can all help each other rise to the top.

What You Have to Do

The first thing that you have to do when building a network is finding people you trust and reaching out to as many as you can. Find people that are going to make a difference in your business or career. These people are going to help you grow, learn, and succeed in what you do. You want to make sure that you and the person that you are connecting with within your network are both getting something out of the relationship. Most of the time you will probably have to give before you receive in this relationship.

Remember, you don’t always have to get something out of every connection that you make. Some connections may just introduce you to newer connections. Even in these cases, always remember to stay in contact with all of your connections – especially those that you trust and that are willing to introduce you to more connections. A crucial way of doing this, especially in today’s society, is making sure to add all of your contact on social media. It’s a really easy way to keep track of all of your contacts’ information and staying relevant in their lives.

Also, use social network sites to increase your current network. Use sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram to make new connections. These sites allow you to find people with similar interests. You can start your own networking group on any of these sites, but don’t forget that you can do this in real life, as well. Forming a networking group is a great way to make better impressions and form closer relationships with contacts.

Bottom Line

Do you want to be successful? Start with building a network with the people you trust. Then, make sure you’re using social media to get a larger reach and find people with similar interests. If you always make sure to stay in contact with all of these people, you may end up as famous and successful as Paul Revere. For more information on networking, you should also check out this “Superconnector” by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh or try this course on networking Bring the Net into your Network.